Industrial Coatings

Murphy Bros. carries a large assortment of Industrial Coatings by PPG Protective & Marine Coatings, BLP Mobile Paint, and Pratt and Lambert Industrial Coatings. We have a coating for every industrial and/or maintenance requirement, and our staff are ready to assist you in making the right selection for your next job. From primers, epoxies, quick dry enamels, 2 part equipment systems and urethanes, we can provide you with the right product, and ensure you have all of the information required to ensure the highest quality finish possible.

PPG Protective & Marine Coatings

PPG Protective & Marine Coatings (PMC) is a world leader in protective and marine coatings. PMC products protect customers’ assets in some of the World’s most demanding conditions and environments. PMC products coat a wide variety of projects in various markets including: marine, infrastructure, energy, transportation and petrochemical.

Amercoat products are uniquely positioned within the PMC family to provide proven products and technologies. The patented PSX® polysiloxane technology, low VOC epoxies and topcoats all have a great history across many protective and marine coating segments.

Murphy Brothers carries the PPG line because it is an extremely high quality coatings line, with worldwide recognition and proven performance in the Industrial Coatings market.

Pratt and Lambert Industrial Coatings

Since 1849, Pratt and Lambert has provided high quality finishes to meet the needs of its customers. The Pratt and Lambert High-performance Industrial Coatings line are formulated to provide efficient protection against rust and corrosion in a diversity of industrial applications and environments. With few exceptions, Pratt & Lambert products are VOC compliant. Murphy Bros. distributes the entire line of Pratt and Lambert Industrial Coatings.

BLP Mobile Paint

Since 1924, BLP Mobile Paint Manufacturing Company has followed a commitment to produce the highest quality paints and coatings specifically formulated for southern climates. Then, like today, "BLP" stands for Beautiful, Lasting, and Preservative.

Mobile Paint Company’s early commitment to quality continues, in part, due to a team of research chemists following a stringent set of guidelines for quality, as well as using the latest technology to develop new products for an ever-changing industry. Our laboratory has departments dedicated solely to quality control, architectural finishes, industrial maintenance and marine finishes, and industrial product finishes (oem), staffed by chemists who specialize in those areas. This specialization enables our laboratory to work personally with the customer, or their salesperson, to develop new products or application needs for all types of coatings.

Murphy Bros. specifies BLP Mobile quick dry enamels and primers and the Protech 2 Part Equipment coating.

Coronado Industrial Coating

For 50 Years Coronado Paint has been the choice of painting professionals, providing paints with lasting performance and consistent quality. Whether you’re a homeowner repainting a room, or an architect specifying coatings for a new stadium or convention center, we have the paints, primers and industrial coatings to deliver the performance your project needs. .

Coronado offers an extensive line up of High Performance Coatings for all industries. Choose from Epoxies, Urethanes , Electrostatic Coatings, Moisture Cured Systems, Traffic Paints, Coal Tar Epoxies, Vinyl Wash Primers, Maintenance Enamels and More…...

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