Since 1949, Murphy Bros. has been providing the highest quality of paint to home owners, contractors and maintenance painters in the Houston and South East Texas area. Murphy Bros. staff have extensive knowledge of the coatings we sell and our high level of customer service is unmatched by our competition.

Murphy Bros. proudly sells Pratt and Lambert, Coronado and Martin-Senour. Murphy Bros. has over 3000 colors for you to select from, and our professional color matchers can match any color specification you might have.

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Pratt & Lambert Paint

Pratt and Lambert ® has manufactured high quality architectural finishes since 1849. Products such as cellutone and vitralite established the company’s reputation for high quality and have endured the test of time. Pratt and Lambert’s Accolade, continues this fine tradition.

Accolade, The Crown Jewel of Paints collection is the finest interior and exterior coating and set the industry standard for excellence. Made from an award-winning, 100-percent acrylic formula that is unlike any other paint product, Accolade provides even the most discerning consumer or contractor with the deepest, richest colors and sheens. To further enhance Accolade’s colors, the highest grade of titanium dioxide, a primary pigment for bright, clear color, is also part of the formula.

Coronado Paint

The entire Coronado Paint line consists of the highest quality products available in the market today. Coronado is a market-driven, innovative, customer-oriented company, selling exclusively through highly-trained independent paint and decorating dealers, well-established and respected in their local markets.  Murphy Bros. is proud to represent Coronado Paint in Lake Charles, La. and San Antonio.

Innovative and Performing Products such as Coronado’s Tough Walls and Rust Scat exemplify Coronado’s commitment to research and development and creating products that will perform to the highest standards of the paint and decorating industry.

RUST SCAT® Polyurethane Enamel is designed as a rust preventative coating for metal substrates. It is easy to apply, has tenacious adhesion, has excellent wetting properties and exhibits an excellent appearance once cured. Use a barrier coat over zinc rich coatings.

For Interior-exterior use. Rust Scat® is ideal for a myriad of metal substrates anywhere beauty and performance is desirable. Not recommended for immersion service.

Outside of OTC regulatory regions (Northeast States) , Rust Scat may be used on all Metal , Wood and perviously painted masonry surfaces in sound condition. See your local Coronado dealer for more details on regulations and use.

Martin Senour Paint

We know you want nothing less than color bliss…to discover the colors that reflect your signature style. But how do you start? See the colors around you as inspiration—use the red from a favorite Kilim-patterned pillow on an accent wall, for instance. Looking at the colors you love on accent pieces and accessories will help you find the hues you want to use on your walls and throughout your home.

What’s your mood?Color creates a rhythm that carries throughout your home and provides the perfect backdrop. It’s about mood and sensation—oranges that evoke a sense of energy, blues that soothe, greens and yellows that freshen your décor. What mood do you want to achieve?

Go with the flow.Think of color as both a destination and a bridge. Your main rooms—living room, dining room, kitchen are destination points. Bridges, like hallways, connect everything. Colors should flow between these spaces to create a sense of balance and harmony between areas.

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